Carrie Fuentes, Partners In Learning Coordinator,

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    Durbin Creek PTO    



PTO is an organization of people whose goal is to better the school and help improve the educational experience of our children through funds. We are dedicated to creating memories for a lifetime while providing support to our teachers, staff and school community! We strive to provide extra special events that make Durbin Creek fun and would love your help!

                                                       Here are a few of the events we have planned this year:

  •                                                                          Book Fairs
  •                                                                          Winter Event
  •                                                                          Family Movie Night
  •                                                                          Bingo - Auction Night​
  •                                                                          Daddy/Daughter Dance
  •                                                                          Mother/Son Event

     Durbin Creek is an "A" rated school! We want to maintain this rating by challenging our students and encouraging our teachers.

                                                    Here are a few examples of the support the PTO offers:

  •                                                                     Be A Writer/Be A Reader Program
  •                                                                     PE/Art/Music Materials
  •                                                                     Technology Additions
  •                                                                      Teacher Resources
  •                                                                      Computers
  •                                                                      Smart boards

                                                       We invite you to join us in becoming a PTO member!


                                                     Please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments!  


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