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Room Parents

Room Parent (& Key Communicator) selection is ultimately up to the classroom teacher.  We want to thank you for being available to your teacher & agreeing to be a room parent! The room parent is one of the key people in making the school year a great one for our children, our parents and our teachers.

The primary role of a room parent is to provide support to the teacher and communicating with parents regarding class and school wide events. Talk with your teacher at the beginning of the year and discuss how he/she would like you to work with the parent volunteers and other classroom help. As a room parent, you have access to an online tool, SignUpGenius (SUG), for creating and managing sign up sheets. This should help make organizing events and finding volunteers much easier for you.

The room parent is responsible for the following :

Classroom Contact List
The class contact list is used as communication between your class and your teacher. The form at the bottom of this page has been approved by Mrs. Fuller and should be used to collect parent contact information. You can send the form home in the Tuesday folder.

Facilitating Classroom Events
Check with your teacher and see when he/she is having an event and if he/she has any specific plans. You can use SUG to send out a request for supplies and volunteers. 

Teacher Appreciation Activities/Gifts
Holiday Gift/End of the Year Gift: Traditionally gifts are given to the teachers at the holidays in December and the end of the year. Gift cards are always appreciated, but don't ask the parents for a specific amount - leave it up to each parent to determine the amount of their donation. Other gifts can be given as well, and don't have to be expensive.  Every May we celebrate teachers for an entire week during our Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week.  The Friday of this specified week is when you as the room parent will give your teacher the End of the Year Gift that your class has contributed to.

Adopt-A-Resource Teacher

At the beginning of the school year, each homeroom class will be assigned an adopted resource teacher.  At the holidays in December and the Friday of Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week in May, room parents will be asked to collect $1 from families in their classroom who want to participate for their adopted resource teacher.  The room parent will use the dollars collected to purchase a gift or gift card for the specified teacher. It will be the responsibility of the room parent to deliver the gift to that teacher. The gift will be from the class as a whole.


DON'T FORGET: You must be an approved volunteer to come into the school to help your class.  You can find out more information about this HERE.


- Form download to print out & use for class contact  list: room_parent_directory_form.pdf

- Adopt-A-Resource Teacher
-Teachers Favorites 2017
-Room Parent Information

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