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October 2022

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The rock is located in front of the main school entrance. The rock can be reserved to paint birthday announcements, congratulations, good luck, or other messages for the school community to see. The reservation fee is $20 (non-refundable) which gives the purchaser the ability to paint the rock at the appointed date/time and the rock will remain unchanged for a 1 day period. Please review the Explorer Rock Guidelines before making a reservation.

You may start painting the rock at 4:00pm on the day before your reserved date(s). (i.e. If you reserved the rock for a Tuesday, you may start painting at 4:00pm on Monday evening.) The school gates will be locked at 8pm daily. Therefore, you will need to paint the rock between 4pm to 8pm the day prior to your reservation. Rock reservation for Monday should be painted the prior Friday between 4pm to 8pm. Due to school holidays, some days are noted in red. These dates are not available.

Questions?  Email durbincreekelementarypto@gmail.com

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