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Board and Committee Chairs

2024-2025 Executive Board


Co-Vice President

Co-Vice President



Partners in Learning

Dara Giddings

Holly Davis

Chantelle Gauthier

Elizabeth Frankland

Kristin DeRosa

Brittany Bolender


We are currently looking for Committee Chairs and Members for the 2024-2025 School Year

The Durbin Creek Elementary PTO seeks to encourage and enhance the educational experience of our children, teachers, and administration. We have a lot of plans and events for the upcoming 2024-2025 School Year, but the will not happen without the help of Committees and Volunteers. 

We are looking for Committee leaders and members for the following committees. Please select all that you are interested in being a part of. If you are interested in being a Committee Leader, please email us at


What does a Committee Leader Do?
A Committee Leader is the main point of contact between the committee and their Board Member representative. The Committee leader is responsible for communicating the expectation of the Board with the other members of the committee. The expectations of each committee with vary depending on the size and type of the event. A PTO Executive Board Member is also attached to the committee to help with planning and purchases. 

To be in a PTO Committee, you must be a PTO Member in good standing. As the 2024-2025 PTO Membership is not currently available, you will be required to join by August 31,2024. 


Seeking Volunteers for: 

Orientation - Committee Leader Needed

Classroom Parents - Committee Leader Needed

Fence - Committee Leader Needed

Spirit Patrol - Led by Elizabeth Frankland

Fun Run - Led by Chantelle Gauthier

Teacher Appreciation - Led by Chantelle Gauthier

Spirit Sticks - Led by Nikki Boutin

Space Jam - Led by Nikki Boutin

Small Events - Committee Leader Needed

Off-site Event - Committee Leader Needed

5th Grade - Led by Nikki Boutin and Tarra Lowe

If you are interested in joining a committee please send us an email at

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