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The Durbin Creek Elementary PTO seeks to encourage and enhance the educational experience of our children, teachers, and administration.

We pride ourselves on being a powerful voice for all Durbin Creek families, a relevant resource for our community and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of our students.

At Durbin Creek Elementary we are building a strong, active and successful parent-teacher association where we provide educational, enriching and fun opportunities to the children and families at Durbin Creek. We encourage members to volunteer, be informed, and to participate.

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Becoming a PTO member helps make a huge difference at DCE!  

The funds raised through our membership drive help support the teachers and school in many ways. 

Each membership dollar will be put back into your child's growth and development here at Durbin Creek Elementary!

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Durbin Fun Run

We are SO EXCITED to kick off our Durbin Creek Fun Run fundraiser this upcoming Tuesday, October 12th! Our fundraiser will begin on October 12th and will run thru October 25th. At the culmination of our event, our students will all be participating in a very exciting Fun Run! This will be a staggered event occurring over 3 days.

This year we are hosting our Durbin Creek Fun Run fundraiser to help our school raise $25,000 to expand both our bike racks with overhead covering and to purchase 100 additional iPads. We need your help in reaching our goal!

  • Here is how you can beginto help our school by following these 3 easy steps:

Register on MyBooster.com tonight. It takes 30 seconds! Registering is easy, and your student earns a FREE prize just for registering.

Share about our fundraiser with family and friends using the SHARE BUTTON on MyBooster.com.

Give a donation if you are able to; though all students will fully participate regardless of financial participation.

Be sure to check out all of our sharing functions on MyBooster.com to let others know how they can help support our school:

Make a Student Star Video to share with Facebook friends!

Use the Easy Emailer to email family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

  • Log into MyBooster.com from your mobile device, click share, and send texts to friends and family.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of our Durbin Creek Elementary students and staff!

Please Note: There is NO obligation to give! Simply sharing with friends and family can help our school. Sharing is supporting, and all students can participate, regardless of financial participation.

Let the Fun (Run) Begin! 

Greetings Explorer Families!

Fall is in the air and we are welcoming so many exciting events with this cooler weather.

Book Fair is running now until October 8th, please set up your e-wallet if you would like your children to shop for items. Feel free to reach out to PTO or Mrs. O’Brien with any questions you may have about the Book Fair. 

We will be kicking off our main fundraiser, the Fun Run, on Tuesday, October 12th! For our families for whom this will be the first year participating, this is a fundraiser that encourages students to reach out to friends and family to sponsor them and pledge money for the school culminating in a super exciting run! We will be raising money for more technology (100 new iPads) and expanding bike racks and installing a covered area for them. We may also consider additional covered areas through the school.
The run will look a little bit different this year since we are still taking social distancing precautions. The final event will be run outdoors through PE classes (with each child’s existing class) on Oct 21, 22, and 25th. Stay tuned to find out which day your student will run! This is a great opportunity to show your child how their hard work contributes to the greater good and have fun while doing it. Lots of fun prizes are in store for all!!

As November rolls around, we have some community outreach projects planned including donation drives and angel tree. We will also be running a holiday shop for all the kids to pick out a special gift for their family members and friends! More information on these events as we get closer to those dates.

Our PTO board and volunteers (yay!) continue to work hard behind the scenes to make this year the most it can be, if you have any ideas or wish to become a more involved PTO member, please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!


Maria and Shanthi
DCE PTO Co-Presidents 2021-2022

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”
- Helen Keller

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