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 Welcome to Durbin Creek Elementary

The Durbin Creek Elementary PTO seeks to encourage and enhance the educational experience of our children, teachers, and administration.

We pride ourselves on being a powerful voice for all Durbin Creek families, a relevant resource for our community and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of our students.

At Durbin Creek Elementary we are building a strong, active and successful parent-teacher association where we provide educational, enriching and fun opportunities to the children and families at Durbin Creek. We encourage members to volunteer, be informed, and to participate.

November 30 - December 2
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Becoming a PTO member helps make a huge difference at DCE!  

The funds raised through our membership drive help support the teachers and school in many ways. 

Each membership dollar will be put back into your child's growth and development here at Durbin Creek Elementary!

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Durbin Fun Run

Ya’ll. WE DID IT. And when we say we did it - we mean we completely hit it out of the park this year with our Fun Run!

We raised an astonishing $40,582 for our amazing school and staff .

We cannot believe the generosity of our amazing DCE families and are so incredibly thankful to you all for the MOST successful fundraiser DCE has EVER seen.

Top class overall is Ms. Kotula’s class, and they win a Pizza party!

Top classes in each grade wins a Jeremiah’s ice party!

VPK       Mrs. Campbell      

K            Mrs. Manning   

1st          Mrs. Kotula       

2nd         Mrs. Hicks         

3rd          Mrs. Rice           

4th          Mrs. Chaulk      

5th         Mrs. Johnson    

Since we have hit our goal, a couple of very lucky principals will be getting some delicious coming their way and lip sync battle plans are underway!

We will be reaching out individually to all the grand prize winners by the end of the week! #goldenticket #mathnasium

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